Flat roofing has an unjustified bad reputation and in general poorly functioning flat roofs are a result of poor installation by an unqualified installer.  When a flat roof is installed by a competent and qualified installer it will provide a water tight seal for many years.

DPM Roofing Services offers a full roofing service covering all roofing issues ranging from a small domestic repair to a large flat re-roof for domestic, commercial or industrial clients.



Our felt roofing system consists of three layers of torch-on felt with an 8mm thick coverage that forms a dense, voidless and impermeable barrier.

Roofing felt is a composite of an absorbent sheet of organic or synthetic fibre that is impregnated/saturated and coated with a waterproofing agent such as tar or asphaltic bitumen that prevents ingress of moisture.

When applied the layers of vapour dispersion and control membranes are sealed with graded roofing felts (available in a selection of colour finishes) to guarantee a waterproof installation.


                                       Domestic balcony before                                      Domestic balcony after 


                                  Commercial roof detail                                              Commercial roof detail

                                             Before                                                                       After



                                                                                 Commercial re-roof


                                       Domestic re-roof                                                         Domestic re-roof



                                                                Domestic re-roof  with polycarbonate detail



                                 Domestic bay-top re-roof before                              Domestic bay-top re-roof after



 Mastic asphalt is suitable for many roofing structures, providing that the deck is adequate and does not demonstrate high flexibility.  It is an ideal material for concrete, block and beam, tongue and grove, plywood and suitably constructed timber roofs.  Due to the nature of the product a water tight seal can easily be formed around external pipes and roof-lights etc.

DPM Roofing Services offers a mastic asphalt system which consists of a 2 coat system laid on top of an isolating sheathing felt membrane to create a minimum of 20mm thickness overall, dependant on specification.  The finished asphalt deck must be protected against U.V degradation and heat build-up and we offer a choice of either:

The application of 2 coats of solar reflective paint


The application of 1 layer of pea grit bedded in a gritting solution